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Contact Person: Chief Charles Hill
Email: hillc9064@gmail.com
Phone: 714-351-2260
One thing that can be said about most nobles is that they like FOOD. Some like to eat, some like to cook, and a few even like pitching in to provide a meal for the rest of the nobility. It is that last group of nobles that we need more of.

The Stewards need some assistance. Currently there are too few men willing to pitch in to make sure we all have refreshments after the business and unit head meetings.

The Stewards are also the crew that prepares the food for the Wednesday lunch club. It would be a shame to lose these opportunities for fellowship. You don’t have to be Emeril or Bobby Flay to get involved, but just be willing to pitch in and help.

The Stewards meet on Boumi business meeting nights at 6 p.m. in the kitchen. Where else would you expect them to meet?

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